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Construction Management Service

• Recommend most effective
use of funds
• Continuous schedule enforcement
• Ensure design complies with budget
• Match construction spending to funds availability
• Enhance control of the scope of work
• Optimal project/program scheduling options
• Best use of individual project team members’ expertise
• Maximum avoidance of delays, changes and claims
• Optimal flexibility in contracting/procurement options
• Application and integration of comprehensive project controls
• Design quality assurance throughout the design process
• Consideration of material, systems and process alternatives
• Code compliance review

Engineering Tasks

• Analysis of program goals, mission, objectives, performance
• Assessment Support
• Computer Aided Design (CAD)
• Demonstration and Validation
• Documentation and Information Dissemination
• Education/training
• Environmental control for electrical units (e.g., cooling units)
• Information services (studies, impact statements, program development, project documentation, data collection, data analysis/evaluation, etc.)
• Integration
• Logistics
• Long-term Reliability and Maintainability

Engineering Tasks (cont.)
• Migration Strategy
• Plan, organize, establish, implement, manage, maintain, upgrade and control of technical systems
• Program and Project management
• Source data development (forward engineering hardware and software systems)
• Source data validation (existing hardware and software systems)
• Special projects and studies
• Statistical analysis
• Support services
• Systems engineering data base development, maintenance, and analysis
• Technical analysis
• Technical and management support
• Technical writing/editorial support
• T&E (test and evaluation) of products and systems

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