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Information Technology Services
IT Services

"Focusing on complete technology service and expertise in network management ."


System Configuration
• Input/Output and Storage Devices
• Mini and Micro Computer Control Devices
• Cables, Cords, and Wire Assemblies
• Fiber Optic Cable, Assemblies and Harnesses
• Wire and Cable, Electrical
• Telephone and Telegraph Equipment
• Communications
• Security Equipment and Components
• Radio and Television Communication Equipment
• Intercommunication and Public Address Systems
• Installation, Deinstallation, Reinstallation
• Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and Spare Parts
• Third Part Maintenance

Information Technology Professional Services
• IT Facility Operation and Maintenance
• IT Systems Development Services
• IT Systems Analysis Services
• Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services
• Programming Services
• IT Backup and Security Services
• IT Data Conversion Services
• Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
• IT Network Management Services

Telecommunications Services

• Value Added Services
• E-Mail Services
• Internet Access Services
• Navigation Services

Wireless Services
• Paging
• Cellular/PCS Voice Services
• Network Services

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