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Acsential Technologies Experience

Acsential Technologies is comprised of a team of engineers with many years of experience in implementing and operating larger scale Enterprise and Service Provider Networks including: Cylix and GridNet Early Value Added Networks in the mid eighties, MFS and WorldCom in the nineties and Enron Broadband Networks.

Designed, developed and implemented dial-up and T1 dedicated access for home and businesses with Internet Atlanta, which was the original ISP in Atlanta. This project included the setup and management of all of the servers including DNS, AAA, Radius, DHCP and billing interfaces.

Lead various production development solutions including the implementation of the ORiNOCO Wireless Product Line for Lucent Technologies, Agere Systems, and Proxim Wireless.

Managed the EBS network which maintained a 99.999% availability; an ATM backbone with 45 Pops, DSL, DSLAM over 3,000 servers and 300 IP Switches and Gbit Routers. This being the world’s largest content distribution provider network, for clients including the Microsoft Network and MSN in 15 cities around the US. The total network consisted of 45 PoPs in North America, 6 in Europe and 3 in Asia.

AcTECH Experience

Completely confidential, reliable, trustworthy expertise in the provision of uncompromising services. This dictates that we have the latest hardware, software, technology, and well-trained personnel so as to deliver this promise.

Considering the nature of our services and their relative infancy on the market, the skill and depth of knowledge of our personnel is of the utmost importance in determining the provision of services to the end-users. Acsential Technologies’ personnel has extensive knowledge in our respective industries.

The Company’s various alliances with technological training partners shall prove invaluable. The knowledge and intellectual capacity that our partners have in the fields of product design and support, system execution, integrations and implementation, lifecycle support and understanding and training is invaluable in our service delivery.

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